An Important Platform to Update the Available HR Initiatives

Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA) held a virtual HR Roundtable on 25 June 2020 with over 80 HR leaders and SSIA working partners. Topics presented and discussed included programmes and initiatives to support the workforce in companies launched by SSIA, Singapore Polytechnic and e2i, solutions in optimising employee transport by SWAT Mobility as well as tips on creating a resilient and growth-oriented culture introduced by EQ Strategist.

SSIA HR Roundtable is an important platform for SSIA to understand the needs of the industry when it comes to human capital. It also helps the Association communicate to the industry all initiatives and support that are relevant to our HR peers.

Ang Wee Seng, Executive Director of SSIA shared with the participants that the semiconductor industry continues to hire despite this unprecedented pandemic. He said, “We encourage companies to utilize different programmes and schemes from our government to support them to hire good talents, especially the fresh graduates and mid-career job seekers from other industries. Meanwhile, companies need to help our current workforce upgrade and upskill to adapt to the new business norm. We will be introducing various courses and programs to develop your workforce.”

Programmes to Support Hiring

In the coming months, SSIA will be organizing virtual career fairs and continuously working with our partners to fill up the roles that are needed by the companies. Companies that are currently hiring or will be hiring in the future can participate in the programs below.

1. Recruitment for retrenched workers from other industries

SSIA and several partners will introduce the semiconductor industry to job seekers from other technical industries, and woo their interest to consider joining our industry. Job seekers who are interested will submit their resumes to SSIA and it will be shared with companies who are hiring. Companies may also be invited to interview these job seekers on site (should the situation allow it). SSIA has also put in place programmes such as Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) that can support companies’ effort in recruiting these talents.

2. Virtual career fair in August (co-organised with e2i)

SSIA will partner e2i in this virtual career fair for the whole month of August. Companies will be able to participate and hire the necessary talents for their businesses. It will also show to the masses that semiconductor industry is a vibrant industry who is still hiring.

3. SGUnited Jobs initiative

As part of the SGUnited Jobs initiative collaboration model, SSIA will work closely with Workforce Singapore who will be playing a leading role in SGUnited Job. The initiative creates employment opportunities for locals through matching workers to employers with current available jobs which include short-term jobs to handle COVID-19 related operations as well as longer-term jobs. It also helps employers recruit for the eventual recovery.

Through this collaboration model, Singapore Business Federation (SBF) will work closely with SSIA on job-matching efforts between companies with manpower demand and companies with excess manpower. The job-matching will be done primarily through vacancies posted on and company-to-company brokering, either within the same sectors or across different sectors. Factors to be considered include, but not limited to, type of job roles, length of employment, job description, work location, expected working hours, etc.


SSIA will post companies’ job vacancies and collect resumes from job seekers on this portal (, which also provides information on the development and latest updates
about the semiconductor industry in Singapore.

New SSIA Job Portal –

Companies who are keen to know more about the details, or interested in joining the next round of SSIA HR Roundtable, please write to