DATE: 26-27 August 2021
TIME: 9am to 5pm (2-day course)
(with break in-between lesson)

LOCATION: Zoom online session
Link will be sent 3 days before the event starts


SSIA Members : $990
Non Members : $1200

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Course Overview

You’ve done all your research. Listed all your arguments. Prepared a detailed presentation including facts, figures and graphs. Everybody can see that you have done your homework. Still – you fail to convince. At times, it even feels almost impossible to engage your audience, all who seem to have their noses in their laptops or smartphones. Why?

For our ideas and plans to be accepted or implemented, working professionals need to be able to firstly effectively engage their audience and then present their business ideas and proposition in a manner that moves both hearts and minds so that internal stakeholders as well as external investors can be bought over. Many of us think it’s enough to just list the facts; they speak for themselves, right?

Unfortunately not! In our presentations we need to try harder to engage, stand out, convince and be memorable. Yes, we need facts and figures. Reasons to believe. But we also need stories. And emotion. Maybe a little drama. After all, these are humans we’re pitching to, not computers. This workshop looks specifically at business presentations – how to prepare for them, which techniques to use to be successful, and the “art” of persuasion. In a highly interactive format, with demonstrations and role plays, this workshop seeks to empower all professionals to increase their chances of winning in the boardroom, the elevator, even at home.

Learn how to prepare and facilitate highly effective presentations and pitches to capture, engage and persuade your stakeholders to action. Through a highly interactive online workshop, and through demonstrations, role plays and feedback, you will learn to develop and conduct the perfect pitch – and increase your chances of winning in the boardroom, in person or virtually, and even at home.

Benefits of Attending

Presentation and Story-telling Skills is an interactive, experiential workshop which will allow you to learn and put into practice ideas, tools and strategies to make your presentations an engaging, productive and memorable experience for your audience.

By participating fully in this workshop, you will:

  • Boost your confidence in your ability to stand in front of a room
  • Enhance your skills, confidence and ability to engage, communicate and influence either live, in person or virtually via a camera
  • Strengthen your image as a leader
  • Enrol the cooperation of others by strengthening buy-in to your message
  • Hone your rapport-building skills

What It Covers

The workshop will cover:

  • How to plan and design an effective storyboard for your presentation your audience
  • How to use effectively use language, tone and physiology to maximise the impact you have with
  • How to establish rapport with and engage your audience
  • How to “own the room” (virtual or otherwise) through your presence
  • How to make your presentation a memorable experience for both your audience and yourself
  • How to incorporate effective visuals, videos and story-telling to move hearts and minds
  • How to plan and deliver effective messages through story-telling
  • How to overcome common objections that most presenters face
  • How to calm nerves and deal with anxiety

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for all companies, including MNCs and SMEs and strongly recommended for all engineering / technical personnel.

Program Outline

Fundamentals of Effective Presentations

  • Ice-breaker and Learning Outcomes
  • Components of communication
  • Challenges of effective communication
  • Understanding your outcomes

Structuring Effective Presentations

  • Presentation structure
  • Activity: Warm-up presentation
  • What will engage your audience
  • Planning logistics and understanding your audience

Creating that Positive First Impression

  • Managing nerves and getting emotionally prepared
  • Managing first impressions
  • Projecting energy
  • Building rapport

Planning and Using Story-telling effectively

  • Why use stories
  • When and how to use a story
  • Structuring and delivering impactful stories
  • Activity: Story telling

Creating Variety to Engage a Diverse

  • The four steps of Influence
  • Connecting with different learning styles
  • Strategies for effective engagement when
    delivering virtually
  • Using A/V and other props effectively
  • Activity: Team presentations

Pre-frames and Reframes

  • Introduction to pre-framing
  • Anticipating objections

Speakers Profile

Dominic Siow

Dominic Siow is the quintessential optimist. In 2006, he and his wife, Sue founded EQ Strategist with a mission to help create empowering workplaces where people wake up each and every day inspired to deliver extraordinary outcomes for their organisations. Since then, their work has helped create profound change at more than 140 public and private sector organisations across 10 countries in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. With his team, they have facilitated numerous interventions on culture transformation and high EQ leadership development in the semiconductor industry over the past decade.

Prior to his present vocation, Dominic was a senior operations manager for IBM Australia and VP of Product Development at grapevine Technologies. He is the author of the Amazon Best Seller “What’s GREAT about this? How to be Resilient and thrive through disruption and change.”

Andrew Davey

My mission is to help you create leaders in your organisation. Let’s face it, we just want our people to be opportunists, optimists and be inspired from within. To take pride in who they are and appreciate their god given talents to become purpose driven and ultimately creating results that leave them feeling successful AND impacting the bottom line of your business. And it should not be that hard to create an environment of self-motivated people who desire more for themselves and impact the success of your company.

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