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Sustainable Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

Sustainable Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

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The growth of the semiconductor industry has been fuelled by consumer electronics, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Singapore accounts for 11% of the global semiconductor market, and chip demand is set to grow as the country embarks on its Manufacturing 2030 vision to become a global hub for advanced manufacturing.

Energy costs account for as much as up to 30 percent of a plant’s operating expenses¹, while two to five million gallons of ultra-pure water² is consumed per day in silicon wafer manufacturing.

Singapore’s national agenda on sustainable development and the recent energy price surges present a huge opportunity for semiconductor companies to develop industry-leading technologies and pursue energy-efficient solutions to minimise environmental impact.

As a leading sustainable solutions provider, Sembcorp Industries is well placed to support the decarbonisation and sustainability goals of resource-intensive industries including the semiconductor sector. Leveraging 7.1GW of renewable energy capacity and 7.7 million m³ per day in water capabilities globally, Sembcorp is one of the largest solar energy and industrial water players in Singapore.

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Sembcorp Tengeh Floating Solar Farm, one of the world’s largest inland floating solar PV systems

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Driving Decarbonisation in Singapore

Sembcorp offers a full suite of solutions including ground-mounted, rooftop and floating solar PV systems. Besides landmark projects like the Sembcorp Tengeh Floating Solar Farm, one of the world’s largest inland floating solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, Sembcorp has completed over 110 commercial & industrial projects with rooftop PV systems, helping clients to achieve cost savings and meet their sustainability goals. Micron is one such client who has started its decarbonisation journey. In addition to the rooftop solar installations across their buildings and plants in Singapore, Sembcorp also developed an innovative carport shelter integrated with a solar PV system within their premises.

With the increase in intermittency due to the nature of renewable energy, battery energy storage systems (BESS) provide stability to power grids. As one of Asia’s largest battery operators with a portfolio in Singapore and the UK that stands at 474MW/624MWh, Sembcorp is also able to provide a reliable 24/7 clean energy solution for all segments.

For corporates looking to embark on a journey towards net zero emissions, GoNetZero™ by Sembcorp is the trusted renewable energy and offsets partner offering a one-stop access to renewable energy solutions, including renewable energy certificates and carbon credits. These are underpinned by strong digital capabilities for smart energy asset management and reporting of renewable energy generation and environmental attributes.

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“Micron is committed to improving our environmental footprint and enabling these opportunities with our partners. We are glad to collaborate with Sembcorp on our solar panels installation which helps building a more sustainable future.”

—Ms Cheng Yueh Ching, Director of Facilities, Micron Singapore

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Micron’s carport shelter integrated with solar PV system

Industrial water solutions for water sustainability

Besides energy solutions, Sembcorp aims to promote water sustainability by developing solutions that minimise liquid discharge and conserve water resources in water-intensive manufacturing industries. In Singapore, Sembcorp owns and operates highly specialised facilities with a gross industrial water and wastewater treatment capacity of about 4.7 million m³ per day. The distributed model of on-site wastewater treatment and water reclamation is enhanced by Sembcorp’s proprietary digital platform Virtual Brain™ Water.

In recent months, an electronic manufacturing client based in Singapore benefited from a Sembcorp-developed water reclamation system aimed at improving water efficiency. This system allows the customer to achieve 67,000m³ per year of water usage savings which translates to a 17% cost reduction. The Virtual Brain™ Water platform also supports the client’s automated operations through a 24/7 remote monitoring system, where Sembcorp can provide technical support.

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Changi NEWater Plant with a capacity of 228,000m³ per day

Towards a sustainable, greener future

The adoption of progressive sustainable solutions by the semiconductor industry has the potential to make a positive impact on the environment. Sembcorp’s strong sector expertise in renewable energy and total water and wastewater management can help to support businesses in doing so.


¹McKinsey on Semiconductors: Bringing energy efficiency to the fab

²Sustainalytics, Waste Not, Want Not – Water use in the semiconductor industry

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