Today, most of us are privileged to work in companies that are diverse and often global. We want to get ahead and be recognized for all the great work we do or can do.  So, how do you achieve that?

Over 100 industry peers joined the two engaging online classes taught by Stephen Krempl, CEO of Krempl Communications International, on ‘Visibility Strategies that Get you Recognized and Rewarded in Any Organization’ on 28 May and 17 June 2020. Participants were keen to know the tips and techniques on getting visible and noticed by senior leaders as well as their clients.

In the coming Global Executive Mindset (GEM) Online course on 14 and 21 August 2020, Stephen will share with participants how to increase their communication repertoire, and know-how to change their virtual and face to face presence and mindset to standout in these critical “5% situations” with senior leaders. Participants will learn what they need to do in these situations, to connect personally, communicate confidently and stand out.   Also, the course will cover what may be preventing us from participating even though we know we should. It comprises of 10 online modules where participants will practise and show mastery of the skills and techniques taught with worksheets and scenarios provided.

The course is suitable for:

  • The hard-working executives who aspire to get ahead
  • The Manager who wants to know how best to get into senior management
  • The executive who believes he/she has the ability to do better but can’t seem to communicate at different levels
  • Senior management and Leaders who want to learn how to help encourage and coach your team to express themselves well