Located in a humble office space in Bukit Merah lies REDINOX, a full-fledged media agency that houses all of your creative needs in one place.

From pre to post-production, graphic design to photography, REDINOX has it all. Down to scriptwriting, storyboarding, and even book layouts, the range of services is a creative mess. Currently, they are venturing into social media management.

Established in 2013, founders Sathia and Darren joined forces and translated their childhood passion for media and production into a company.

REDINOX consists of a dedicated team of passionate dreamers that give their all into everything they do, resulting in quality work produced.

They believe that the sky’s the limit when it comes to content. They’re all about breaking the norm of content creation to bring the most unique ideas to life.

Friends since secondary school, Darren (left) and Sathia (right) partnered in 2013 and established REDINOX to live up their dreams.

A One Stop Shop

So, a media agency. What makes REDINOX different from the countless agencies out there?

Well, REDINOX works unlike any other media agencies.

Firstly, with their range of services, they have the capabilities and equipment to manage productions in-house completely from pre-production to post-production This gives them creative control and gives you, the client, assurance to the quality of the product.

With the entire project handled by REDINOX, that means no third-party companies meddling in with your creative direction.

Something for Everybody

Secondly, REDINOX has a strong vision of giving opportunities to all sorts of companies the media content they need.

From small companies to big companies, SMEs to MNCs, B2B companies to B2C companies, REDINOX has your back.

Being non-restrictive, this makes REDINOX a top choice as they can customise the budget based on any company’s requirements, meaning their doors are open to anyone and everyone in need of creative help.


Since 2013, REDINOX has worked its way up, earning a reputable amount of loyal partners and customers; SSIA being one of them.

They have worked with SSIA for a plethora of projects, namely the 50th SSIA Anniversary featurette, which also happens to be their first collaboration. This project featured the past, present, and future of the semiconductor industry in Singapore and received
massive positive reception which was evident at their commemorative dinner.

REDINOX wishes to collaborate with SSIA to produce much more content to raise awareness and bring about the importance of the semiconductor industry as well as to attract younger talent into the industry.

What’s in REDINOX’s Future?

REDINOX aims to reach and work with as many companies as possible to help transform their brand stories and help them reach greater heights.

With a solid portfolio, range of skills and an even more solid team, REDINOX is ready to help you tell your story. If you’re looking for a passionate team of content creators, look no further than REDINOX. They’re ready/REDI to transform your stories and bring your media strategy to life!

Ensuring safe filming standards and procedures are maintained while achieving
the best for clients.