with Volunteer Career Advisors for the Electronics Sector


Board Member
AEM Holdings Ltd


1. Why are you interested in joining the Volunteer Career Advisors Initiative?

Being retired and having benefited from the Electronics & Semicon industry, volunteering into this initiative is a way of giving back to this industry and the society.

Through this initiative, I hope to be able to help shine a torch into this industry, attracting more fellow workers coming in and participate in its growth in Singapore. With the current pandemic situation, this WSG’s vCA initiative is indeed timely, where me and other fellow advisors from this industry can help workers from many other suffering industries to appreciate the electronics & semiconductor industry’s needs and potentially build their career here.

2. As a volunteer Career Advisor, what experience/ guidance would you like to provide for your advisee(s)?

Prior to offering guidance to advisees, it is probably key to know their aspirations and core areas of competency. Only from here, appropriate guidance can be given, be it the type of complementary skillsets needed or WSG’s various programmes to enhance individuals’ market value as to enable them to progress in their careers.

Specifically to the electronics & semiconductor industry, I would share with them the various sub-sectors, and type of opportunities that can fit their aspirations. I would also share through my past experience on what it takes to successfully pursue a career within these opportunities.  Along the way, I do hope advisees would have a better insight of this industry, appreciate its bright potential, and be able to successfully participate in it to benefit them and the industry.

3. Do you have a mentor/ advisor in your career journey? Could you share with us about it and how this experience has supported your career’s growth?

I am blessed to have many individuals who have given me advice or mentored me at various stages of my career. They are either my peers, supervisors, customers or even business friends. Each of them, in a way, has imparted their learning and wisdom, helping me to build my foundation to excel.

The key was really the willingness to listen and learn from them as they shared their experience and at times pointed out areas where I am blindsided. I remembered one of them has ever said this to me, .i.e. ` Ego and believing only in legacy methods will ultimately fail you’. This has always reminded me to be willing to listen and learn from everyone as a way to challenge myself to do better, thus enabling me to grow in my career.