with Volunteer Career Advisors for the Electronics Sector


Vice President Corporate Sales, Manufacturing Integration Technolgy Ltd



1. Why are you interested in joining the Volunteer Career Advisors Initiative?

I have been volunteering as an NTUC YCN Career Guide, an SIT Mentor, a PSB Academy Brand Ambassador, and 1st VP and 2nd VP in NTU Alumni Club Management Committee in the last 8 years. The WSG-SSIA vCA programme is a meaningful outreach platform where like-minded volunteers can bring experience sharing and value creation to the industry at large, and also to young graduates entering the workforce.

2. As a volunteer Career Advisor, what experience/ guidance would you like to provide for your advisee(s)?

While different industries demand different skillsets, the individual contributor or team player shall always bring his/her creativity and tenacity to the job.  Such pride and passion are sometimes missing in the organization. With experience, as a vCA, I hope to share other perspectives on such less-explored areas so that we can all extract the self-motivation that shall keep us striving for meaningful achievements in our long careers.

3. Do you have a mentor/ advisor in your career journey? Could you share with us about it and how this experience has supported your career’s growth?

Throughout my 28 years in the workforce, I have the privilege to know 2 mentor bosses.  Both can see “through” people and bring out the best in them.  Encouraged by their helicopter view of even the worst situations and not losing sight of what is happening on the ground, I have been emulating them all these years to achieve a blessed personal development and climb the career ladder.