with Volunteer Career Advisors for the Electronics Sector


Strategic Programs Director,
Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association


1. Why are you interested in joining the Volunteer Career Advisors Initiative?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people’s lives and livelihoods. With the semiconductor and electronics industry strengthening and hiring aggressively, it is a wonderful opportunity to help people understand more of the opportunity in this industry and join the sector. vCA is voluntary and it is my way of giving back to the society and the semiconductor industry.

2. As a volunteer Career Advisor, what experience/ guidance would you like to provide for your advisee(s)?

As a volunteer Career Advisor, I would like to help the advisee understand how the technological disruptions, which are accelerated by COVID-19 and digitalisation, have impacted many industries and jobs. It is important that we understand trends and growth, work towards upskilling, stay relevant and remain employable. I hope to empower jobseekers to be aware of what they really wish to do in their career, what they are passionate about, and work towards it.

3. Do you have a mentor/ advisor in your career journey? Could you share with us about it and how this experience has supported your career’s growth?

I am fortunate to have met many wonderful mentors in my career. One who has made a profound influence in my career is Rajan Rajgopal, President and CEO of Denselight Semiconductor. Back then as a young Manager, I was coached to expand my role, progress from being a technical expert to managing customers and supplier and increasing the span of responsibility. The growth experience has taught me to focus on people, their strength, and develop them to their fullest potential.