with Volunteer Career Advisors for the Electronics Sector


Design Engineering Director, IoT Products, Silicon Labs


1. Why are you interested in joining the Volunteer Career Advisors Initiative?

The opportunities, challenges and outlook in the electronics/semiconductor industry have evolved and become more diverse. The barrier to entry has also been going up in certain sections. As a result, even with electronic industry having a big presence in Singapore, people are unable to navigate opportunities in this field due to misconception, lack of guidance and confidence. My aim is to help as many people as I can to understand their situation and ease their entry or path in the electronics career.

2. As a volunteer Career Advisor, what experience/ guidance would you like to provide for your advisee(s)?

I would like my advisees to have an open mind so that they are able to appreciate alternatives. I would also encourage them to embrace new opportunities with their whole heart and with confidence. Lastly, advisees should try to inculcate a culture of lifelong learning as career landscape is constantly evolving in the various industries causing need to continuous upskilling.

3. Do you have a mentor/ advisor in your career journey? Could you share with us about it and how this experience has supported your career’s growth?

I have been blessed with excellent managers, who also mentored me throughout my career. My mentors continuously challenged me with different responsibilities, career goals and guided me throughout the journey. This helped me to build my confidence, develop strong work ethic and feel empowered to take tactical and strategic decisions.

4. Any other ideas you would like to share about joining this programme?

This program is currently geared towards mid-career professionals who are looking to pivot. I am hoping that this program can be extended to help students at the cusp of choosing their career and to guide them to make a more informed choice. I would also like to use this forum to encourage more people to join the electronics industry.