with Volunteer Career Advisors for the Electronics Sector


Senior Manager, Foundry Sourcing,


1. Why are you interested in joining the Volunteer Career Advisors Initiative?

I came across many electronics engineering students eventually not taking up roles in the electronics industry. This is possibly a contributing factor why we are experiencing widening skill gaps and talent crunch in Singapore, compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. vCA is a good initiative where I can share the “ups-and-downs” with people who like to know more about this sector and hopefully, I can be a guide post for them prior to joining the industry.

2. As a volunteer Career Advisor, what experience/ guidance would you like to provide for your advisee(s)?

I am an example of someone who left, returned to the electronics industry and am still contributing actively. I like to share my experience of my journey in the electronics ecosystem.

Hopefully, my assignee can benefit from a better understanding and right mindset of this industry.

3. Do you have a mentor/ advisor in your career journey? Could you share with us about it and how this experience has supported your career’s growth?

There are many people whom I have crossed paths with, who were my mentor or advisor in one way or another. I am grateful for their willingness to share and believing in me. For example, one of them gave me an opportunity to take on a new role despite my not having prior knowledge or experience. When I probed why I was chosen, the reply was “knowledge and experience can be accumulated as long as you have the right attitude”. This has left a deep impression on me since, that a right attitude will indeed get you going even when you enter unchartered territories. This mindset has enabled me to grow significantly in my career.