With the recent changes in the hiring policy, companies in Singapore are revisiting their recruitment plans. WinTech Nano-Technology Services Pte Ltd, a leading High-Tech Laboratory is focused on hiring more Singaporeans.

The company has recently invested S$6 million to set up a new physical failure analysis lab in Science Park II, the Alpha. New laboratory demands increased manpower however it’s a challenge to hire Singaporeans as they are not inclined to do night shifts.

How does WinTech resolve this issue? In order to attract more Singaporeans to join the company as night shift engineers, the company has greatly increased night shift, shift allowance by S$400.

Company CEO, Mr Li said “Through the increase allowance, we would like to attract more Singaporeans to join us in taking night shift duties so that we can build a workforce with Singaporeans at its core.”  This commitment in building a Singaporean core workforce is reflected in the recent company’s expansion hiring strategy, where more than 15 Singaporean/PR are employed.

WinTech’s top management has also put in place some action plan to retain talents and meet the growing manpower needs. This includes:

  • Identifying and keeping core personnel especially high/mid-level management appointment holders and key engineers through an enhanced retention plan (such as higher priority for salary increment, enhanced bonus, and offering of company’s appreciation shares);
  • Setting up comprehensive OJT (On-job-training) system to help fresh engineers integrate into the company and develop their technical skills set;
  • Training future talents through the IPP (Industrial Post-graduate Programme) in cooperation with NUS/NTU/SUTD and EDB.
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