This article is the second in the series, and this one is about the wisdom of a Mentor.

John Bittleston is Founder Mentor & Executive Chairman of Terrific Mentors International. I have known John for a long time; he is an accomplished businessman, author, and columnist. His career spans nearly 70 years of Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, and International Management Business Mentor and Career Coach to over 20,000 clients.

John shared three mentorship situations that he recommends to his mentees to reflect on. Here is the first one he shared, Purpose is Liberating, not Binding. “People with purpose know their destination, understand what could deflect them from it, and appreciate that the journey is more important than the arrival. When we wake up each morning and our feet touch the floor, we should know our purpose for the next five to ten years. He went on to say, “It’s our purpose so we can change it. However, the less we do, the greater the chance of us achieving it.” 

What can we learn from this?

– Clarity of Purpose

As a leader, especially in these turbulent times, clarity of purpose is even more critical to driving you through 2020 and beyond. If it was a “culture change” that you want to create within your organization just because everyone is not in the office now, do you drop the idea? We all have to live with the short-term realities and constraints.  If you do decide to change your goals, know that whatever you choose, it always takes more time, energy, and effort than you anticipated to get it accomplished. Well-achieved LESS is better than half-achieved MORE. 

So how are you doing this?

Do you have a clear purpose that guides you?

How do you keep focused on them even in these chaotic times?

Which few do you want to complete and get acknowledged?

In the second mentorship situation, John shared, “GIVING is more urgent than getting for most people. However, few people recognize the power they wield when they give. It has nothing to do with money but everything to do with time and care. The giving boss is all-powerful, so is the giving spouse. The outward sign of giving is caring. Businesses that care for their employees get work 10x from them. People who care get rewarded 10x for doing so.


What can we learn from this?

– Give Key People More Time

So who do you need to give more time to in 2020? A team member, a peer, maybe your supervisor? (She/He is human too). If you don’t plan and schedule it, it won’t happen.  If you are someone who always is the one who is helping to put the numerous fires out – then you will surely never have the time to make it happen. Choose a few key people this year and enjoy the 10x return.

So how are you doing this?

Do you have a few people in mind you need to give more time?

How do you still stay connected to them even when if you can’t meet face to face?

How do you keep focused on your customers when you can’t meet with them face to face?

In the third mentorship situation, John shared; “Stature is the outward sign of confidence. To have one without the other is to waste the opportunity to excel. All good leaders know this. Just like good orchestra conductors, they balance their confidence with enough stature to demonstrate control. The stature of a great person is barely visible until it is lost. Then it becomes overbearing and phony. Real stature is the sunlight on a flower. You notice the flower.”

What can we learn from this?

– Brand Stature and Confidence

As a leader, you must know how to balance stature and confidence delicately. How will you help others get things done – and shine without being overbearing? How much does your presence help or hinder your colleagues or subordinates from achieving even more? How do you really know? Your colleagues seldom tell you. If you can figure out this balance, you are gold. Increase your STATURE in 2020 and have a GREAT year.

So how are you going to do this?

Have you have been too overbearing at times?

Who can give you honest feedback on this point? 

If you are one who needs to increase your stature, what are you going to do?

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Stephen Krempl

CEO of Krempl Communications International. Facilitator, Author, Global Speaker, and Coach. He has helped thousands of leaders in over 30+ countries through his programs W3 Winning in the Work World and GEM Global Executive Mindset both classroom and online programs have helped individuals Stand Out and get noticed in their organizations.