Paradoxically the pandemic has not treated everyone the same. Some companies with the right products for the global pandemic have done very well. However, many have taken a great financial hit, others have had to pivot to something else, or several have just closed shop. In these crazy times, the thing we may have failed to focus on a bit more is our own physical and mental health and wellbeing.

More so than just keeping our business going and getting back to pre-Covid levels, we need to create a more robust habit and become more resilient health-wise. This will enable us to handle what may be in front of us or the unknown just around the corner.

I was introduced to Dr. Heidi Frere, who hails from Johannesburg, South Africa.  She owns and runs the practice, Best You Medical Wellness, and Aesthetics, and her true passion is in the integration of Aesthetic, Lifestyle, and Functional Medicine.

I will share two insights she shared with me in a recent interview on how to take care of yourself, your health, and, therefore, ultimately the care of your loved ones and those that work in your organization.

A Plan for Your Health

She said people want an improved quality of life and are prepared to invest in their health to get it! People want to reverse the signs of aging; they want the return of optimal cognitive functioning, and they want youthful energy levels, especially now during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

She continued; it is my responsibility and role to enhance peoples’ health and help them to do better at this thing called life. Meeting them where they are at and inspire them to move forward and make progress. This is a meeting where we gather data, diagnose, and make plans for our patients. They are often simple changes to make. People know them, but they are not doing them. One small change can be so impactful, and people are often amazed.

What Can We Learn from This?

Dr. Frere raised some excellent points above; my question is, “What regular diagnosis are you receiving for your health and wellness condition?

Like all of us, we might do better if we had a “health accountability partner,” encouraging you to “walk a little more,” “go to the gym, “or “check your vitals.” The point is “What simple changes are you making now to improve your current health condition? Also, how are you measuring and tracking it?

How to Deal with Stress

Then she discussed the issue of stress and how to deal with it practically using these three points: –

Connect to Community

She related that Community is important for mental health and wellbeing. Talking to friends, family, and colleagues can help to build strong relationships and develop trust and reduce the feeling of isolation.

Gain Others Perspective

Stress can cloud your ability to see solutions that might seem obvious to an outsider. Talking to someone – whether it is a friend, colleague, or trained professional – may help you gain perspective and positively impact problems and stress levels.

Find your triggers

Talking to friends and colleagues will also help you to understand how other people react in the same situation.  Otherwise, you only have your own perspective, and you end up more irritable, short-tempered, clench your jaws at night, grind your teeth, eat too much or too little, and make poor lifestyle choices.

Also, many of us do not spend enough time on this pillar of health called Relax, Calm, or Self-soothe. Using a meditative practice, abdominal breathing, and time in nature helps us to soothe.

She ended the discussion by saying Covid is an opportune time to sanitize and deep clean many aspects of a business or one’s health or lifestyle. This pandemic has given us time to introspect and examine aspects of our lives – use it wisely.

What Can We Learn from This?

Ask yourself these questions: Whom do you talk with to get a different perspective on work, health, or other issues? More importantly, do you recognize and understand your “triggers” and know how to deal with them? How do you relax, calm, and self-soothe?

I had my own personal health scare when I was forty years old.  At the time, I wrote a short book called Leadership ER: A health Check for you and Your Team.

Download it for free at  It provides several health checklists for you and your team.

“Covid is an opportune time to sanitize and deep clean many aspects of a business or one’s health or lifestyle. This pandemic has given us time to introspect and examine aspects of our lives – use it wisely.”


Stephen Krempl

Stephen Krempl is a former F200 leader, International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Facilitator, and Business Communication Coach. His latest book is “The 5% Zone: Visibility Strategies that Get You Noticed and Rewarded in Any Organization.”