Workforce Singapore’s new volunteer Career Advisors initiative aims to provide individuals with peer-level support and career guidance as they seek to advance their careers or make transitions. Coming from diverse professional communities and possessing deep industry experience, the volunteers can provide sector and occupation-specific career advice to peers, and connect them with useful government programmes and services. Through the volunteer Career Advisors, workers can also learn about the key insights on industry trends and emerging skills, and make informed career decisions with greater confidence.

If you are uncertain about how to navigate your career pathways in the Electronics and Semiconductor sector, Workforce Singapore’s volunteer Career Advisors initiative is here to help. The Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association has been working closely with Workforce Singapore to build a pool of volunteer Career Advisors to support your career journey.

Making career decisions alone can be daunting. With the guidance from our volunteer Career Advisors, it no longer needs to be.  If you wish to be connected with a volunteer Career Advisor from the Electronics and Semiconductor sector, please visit

Workforce Singapore