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Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association

The Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association

Established in 2004 as MIDAS and rebranded in 2010 as the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA), our organization has been steadfastly championing the interests of Singapore’s microelectronics devices sector. Embracing a wider spectrum of companies within the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing ecosystem, SSIA continues to thrive as a dedicated non-profit entity.

Our goal is to cultivate and maintain a competitive, innovative, and dynamic semiconductor industry in Singapore and the surrounding region.

Our mission is to guide, promote, and support the complete value chain of the semiconductor industry in Singapore, serving as the unified voice for the industry.

be united in this unparallelled industry wave

Our Flagship Events

Singapore Semiconductor Leadership Accelerator (SSLA)

Elevating your leadership with Singapore's SSLA - join your fellow business leaders redefine industry standards.
Sponsorships Open

SSIA Semiconductor Women's Forum 2024

Coinciding with International Women's Day 2024, this event highlights the Singapore semiconductor industry's progress in embracing DEI.

Semiconductor Business Connect 2024​

Empowering SMEs through Collaboration & Innovation — your gateway to pivotal industry advancements and elite networking.
Sponsorships Open

Summit & Semiconductor Dinner 2024

Uniting for a Resilient Semiconductor Ecosystem — be a part of this critical dialogue which shapes real industry resilience.

The semiconductor outlook

Where we're headed...

Global Sales

The semiconductor industry is predicted to see global sales of US$558 billion in 2024, which is a 13% increase from 2023, and 2.5% higher than 2022's record industry revenues of US$574 billion.

Chip Market Boom

Memory chips were the biggest swing factor in 2022, with sales amounting to US$130 billion, or just under 23% of the overall chip market, but they dropped 31% (about US$40 billion) in 2023.

A.I. Chips Drive Industry Growth

Gen AI chips are predicted to be a significant growth area in the industry, especially for high-performance computing needs like GPUs and CPUs designed for AI tasks, expected to account for 8.5% of total chips sold in 2024.

Innovation & Diversification

The industry anticipates new entrants in the AI chip market, new architectures and models for AI chips, and the development of edge chips, which will handle more processing at the device level in smaller or differently designed chips.

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